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  • We offer 19 1/2 day programs
  • We accept student loans
  • We offer installment plans

Fremont Vocational School

We're the bridge to the future!

When it comes to choosing the right college, you may not know where to start. This is especially true if you're looking to delve into the medical field. Here at the Medical Career College in Fremont, California, we make your choice easy. Since our establish nearly a decade ago, our Fremont vocational school has garnered an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. It's here that our professors fight daily to train future leaders and fantastic nurses. Please contact us at 510-445-0319 as soon as possible to speak with our staff about your nursing career.

Medical Career College is an Accredited Institution by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.

We are approved to operate by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, . Approval to operate means the school is in compliance with state standards as set forth in the Education Code.

Our programs are approved by the California Department of Public Health, .

Student loans and installment plans are available!

Are you worried about money? Maybe you're unsure if your student loans will be accepted, or if you will be able to pay in installments? The Medical Career College accepts student loans and creates installment plans. With our vocational programs you will not only receive a high caliber education, but can do so in a way that is both affordable and quick. We take great pride in training the future leaders in the medical field.

We offer the following programs:

If you're looking for a lucrative career that will benefit your future, don't have to look any further. It's time to enroll in the Medical Career College. Let us assist you as you work towards a fantastic career in the medical field. Nursing and similar careers are not just a vocation that benefits you, but one that serves your community as well. We want you to succeed and will help guide you towards your success from enrollment to graduation. Don't wait any longer to pursue your career – we're here to help. At the Medical Career College, we are your bridge to the future.

Contact our Fremont Vocational School today at 510-445-0319 to begin working towards your future, today!


1. Nursing Assistant School Performance Fact Sheet 2014-2015

2. Acute Care CNA School Performance Fact Sheet 2014-2015

3. Home Health Aide School Performance Fact Sheet 2014-2015

4. Hemodialysis Tech School Performance Fact Sheet 2014-2015

5. Medical Assistant School Performance Fact Sheet 2014-2015

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  • We offer 13 month programs
  • We accept student loans
  • We offer installment plans