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Medical Career College was founded on basic principles including integrity, altruism & advancing the future of the nursing profession. Our school was born of a sincere desire to provide an excellent education to student-nurses; and, due to our growth & success, we have expanded our programs, which now include a vast multitude of educational options (including nursing) within the medical field.

While some enter the medical field desiring only a lucrative, in-demand career, our Director, Dr. Marilyn Castillo, entered this field with the earnest desire to help those in need. Dr Castillo’s compassion is reflected in every aspect of Medical Career College, a school that successfully merges empathy with education, academics with altruism & leadership with learning. Dr. Castillo’s appreciation for education, combined with her compassion & concern for all people, led her to pursue her dream of helping others. Dr. Castillo founded Medical Career College with that dream in mind & today her dream has become a reality.

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  • We offer 19 1/2 day programs
  • We accept student loans
  • We offer installment plans