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We offer a 19 1/2 day program!

Here at the Medical Career College, we offer a large number of lucrative career options and programs. We understand that the nursing field is both broad and in high demand, so we have curated a place of education and opportunity. Our educators create a curriculum of well-rounded classes so you will be able to move forward with a specialty emphasis that will carry you throughout your entire career. With a decade of experience educating quality medical professionals, we can offer you the classes to succeed.

Our programs include:

  • Nursing Assistant (NA) : A CNA is trained in direct care giving and can be found in numerous work environments, as they are trained to work closely with patients and help complete both medical and everyday tasks. We offer a 19.5 morning class program or a full 30 day evening class to fit your particular needs.
  • Hemodialysis Technician (HT): All students will be trained in dialysis treatment, including venipuncture and arterial puncture. We offer Theory and clinical programs throughout the week. You can select a morning or evening program.
  • Medical Assistant (MA): Students will be thoroughly trained to perform both administrative (front) and clinical (back) skills for a medical office.
  • Home Health Aide: Students will be trained as to how to work as a home health aide in a private residence. You can receive 24 units of continuing education to renew a CNA certificate.
  • Acute Care CNA Training Program​: CNA students will be trained thoroughly to perform in a more complex and demanding professional environment. This program can also provide 48 units of continuing education to renew your CNA certificate.

We have a vast array of programs to fit your particular needs. Don't wait another moment to seek the future that you desire. It's time to invest in a career that invests in you, and our Fremont vocational school is exactly where you need to be.

Contact the Medical Career College in Fremont at 510-445-0319 and enroll today!

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  • We offer 19 1/2 day programs
  • We accept student loans
  • We offer installment plans